Tryin' to be a Snack, while eating snacks.... at Snack Boys.


Sugr stopped into Snack Boys for a….. snack. And a drink (or two). I’ve heard many good things about this place, and have seen it featured in OnMilwaukee and Milwaukee Record, so it was high time I checked this place out for myself. A venue infamous for its Burt Reynolds affiliation (lol yes); I wanted to see if their food and drinks (and instagrammable-vibe) lived up to the hype.

And did it? Let’s check the stats below.*

*disclaimer. No verified influencers or Instagram models were harmed in the making of this review.

On a scale of 1-10 professional “verified influencers:” how do I rate this place?

FIRST IMPRESSION: I’m giving it a “6 influencers out of 10.”

The entryway doesn’t belay much when you’re walking in, but Snack Boys is way cooler and way nicer than what it appears on the outside. The place is bedecked with neon lights, which gives it a cool glow and sets the stage for multiple photo opportunities. Cool, little seating nooks and crannies are tucked around Snack Boys, with one or two seats piled high with furry white pillows. The infamous SNACK BOYS neon sign is tucked in one, casting the Plexiglas tables and chairs with a soft pink glow. Get a pic with it!

FOOD: 8/10 verified influencers.

Very good. Smaller portions, definitely small plates, but tasted very good (I literally had dreams about the braised curds later that night). Packed a lot of flavor and mouthfeel into the small plates. Plated well too. They have vegetarian/ meat/ AND VEGAN options. However, it’s dark inside- so if you want a pic you’ll need to use the flash.

WHAT I ORDERED: They don’t have their menu online which BOTHERED ME but, I got: four small plates- the “braised curds,” “beef blue balls,” “the vegetarian cauliflower,” and the deviled eggs. I highly recommend the braised curds and the deviled eggs.

VIBE: 8/10 influencers.

Cool hangout spot. It may have a dance-club vibe, but it definitely doesn’t have the space for it.  You can order food and sit at the bar, but with the music turned so high it’s definitely not the place for intimate conversation. They have pool tables in the back, so I’d go for drinks after dinner with a group of friends before hitting the clubs (or larger bars). If you’ve got a visiting friend (or family member) in town and are looking for somewhere to impress, but not overwhelm? Hit ‘em up Snack Boy-style.

Overall: Because of the good food, good portions (for the price), plated well, cool vibe, relaxed-yet-upbeat atmosphere, creative drinks...  Etc. etc. I’m giving Snack Boys a 7/10.

Now- if this venue was a type of social media influencer, who would she be?  If this was an influencer, she’d be a soon-to-be-starring on the Bachelor-In-Paradise, recently-got-verified-on-Instagram, her-actual-job-title-on-The-Bachelor-was “Dog Walker,” and was at around 100-200k followers BEFORE she even got on The Bachelor.

She was one of the girls who figured out how to be hot on Instagram early on, while we were all still uploading shots of cute dogs we saw on the street, and therefore has had years to practice the “cute, yet relatable” persona. We never stood a chance.

It’s ridiculous, but you can’t help but follow her.